4. Connected Families

Through our Connected Families program, we are committed to providing responsive and reliable support to families who are in need of assistance. We understand that parenting can be a complex and challenging journey, and we aim to offer a comprehensive program that caters to the specific needs of each family. In collaboration with the accredited Parents as Teachers program, we combine skill-building initiatives with innovative and practical parenting lessons to create an intensive twelve-week program.

The Connected Families program is specially designed to offer support and guidance to families who require additional assistance in their parenting journey. We acknowledge that every family is unique, and our program is tailored to address their individual circumstances and challenges. By working closely with families, we provide a structured curriculum that focuses on evidence-based strategies, empowering parents to strengthen their connections with their children, enhance their parenting skills, and cultivate a nurturing and supportive home environment.

Admission into the highly regarded and successful Connected Families program is obtained through a referral process. We collaborate with various agencies and organizations, including the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and the Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ), to identify families who will benefit from our support. This ensures that the program reaches those who genuinely require assistance and are best positioned to make meaningful progress with the resources and guidance provided.

The Connected Families program has gained recognition for its effectiveness and positive outcomes. It is known for its comprehensive approach, combining skill-building and practical parenting lessons to empower families. By equipping parents with the necessary tools and knowledge, we assist them in navigating challenges, improving communication, and fostering positive relationships within the family unit.

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