5. Mentoring

At Sanctuary Family Connections, we take pride in our specially trained mentors dedicated to guiding kids in out of home care towards their goals. Our mentors aren’t just role models; they’re compassionate educators who employ a trauma-informed approach to ensure positive experiences along your journey.

Understanding the importance of setting goals and building relationships, our mentors are equipped with expertise. With extensive training, they possess the skills needed to effectively support and guide you. Your success is their priority, and they’re enthusiastic about helping you discover your potential.

We firmly believe in the healing potential of positive relationships, especially in challenging circumstances. Backed by research, our mentors are committed to being a positive force in your life, fostering growth and breaking through barriers.

Through their mentorship, our dedicated team will assist you in setting and achieving your goals. They’ll equip you with tools, knowledge, and resources to overcome obstacles and make strides. Our mentors cultivate a safe and nurturing space where you can freely express yourself, build trust, and develop healthy relationships – all within a trauma-informed framework.

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