Youth and Families

Sometimes all you need is a little guidance to get back on track.

We understand that every family has their difficulties and that is why we are dedicated to providing professional and trauma-informed services to improve your situation. We work hand in hand with young people and their families to provide support on many levels. These services are not limited to, but include:

  • Mentoring: These incorporate one on one sessions that involve setting goals and smashing them! These sessions are designed to provide positive influence, engage and encourage, and to provide support for positive connection.
  • Respite: We offer consistent care for every hour of the day whilst you’re away from home. Feel at ease knowing that you are being looked after in the right hands and supported to complete everyday activities. This is an excellent opportunity to have de-stress and have time to recharge.
  • Family Support: We are here to help with the struggles of family life and take the weight off your shoulders. We will work in cooperation with you to implement strategies around the house in response to behaviour. We also provide support in visits with family members to help encourage smooth and positive interactions. Feel confident to engage knowing that Sanctuary has your back!
  • Transport Services: Need to get somewhere? Got appointments to attend? Trust Sanctuary to take you there safe and sound.

Our team of highly responsive, trauma-informed and person-centred staff have experience supporting children and young people that have suffered trauma and will engage with them safely and reliably. By being trauma-informed, we acknowledge that trauma is always prevalent and knowingly incorporate this into all of our strategies and practices. Each young person will have a dedicated team of staff that are consistent, resilient and adaptable to each scenario.

Sanctuary Family Connections are flexible in our service delivery and can tailor programs or support to individual needs. We believe that each child and young person has the right to belong in a world where they are protected, nurtured and respected.